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Success Stories

Mr S suffered orthopaedic injuries and permanent damage to his pituitary gland in a motorcycling accident. Mr S recovered £360,000 on a provisional damages basis.
Mr W suffered a serious knee injury in a motorcycling accident and he went on to develop chronic pain syndrome forcing his early retirement. Mr W recovered £575,000.
Mr N was walking down metal steps at work and slipped on oil sustaining injury and fracturing wrist. We secured a settlement for £110,000.
Mr M suffered a serious knee injury in a motorcycling accident and ultimately came to amputation of the injured leg. Mr M recovered £1,250,000.
Mr F suffered traumatic amputation of his foot and serious arm injuries in a motorcycling accident. Mr F recovered £863,524.
While Mr S was lifting heavy rolls of adhesive tape at work, he sustained a back injury. We secured a settlement for £55,000.
Mr T suffered an ankle and knee injury in a motorcycling accident and was unable to return to his former work as a Baker’s assistant. Mr T recovered £395,000.

Clinical Negligence Claims

Our expert personal injury solicitors here at Beardsells have been specialising in personal injury compensation claims for over 30 years.

One of our areas of speciality is in clinical and medical negligence claims and we are recognised as one of the North West’s leading clinical negligence firms, helping clients all over the United Kingdom.

About clinical & medical negligence claims

The National Health Service (NHS) cares for the health of the vast majority of the general public in the UK. NSH staff are under pressure to deliver results, work under extreme circumstances and deliver care to an expanding population.

Most medical staff are trained to a high standard and are extremely competent, however, in unfortunate circumstances, mistakes sometimes still happen.

This does not mean that if you have experienced an unforeseen or unsatisfactory outcome following a medical treatment that this is the result of negligence by a healthcare professional.

There is always a certain amount of risk when undergoing any treatment and these risks should be clearly and definitively explained before treatment is undertaken.

Under the judicial system in the UK, clinical negligence claims compensation can be awarded if it can be proved that a medical health professional was negligent in treating a patient.

What you need to do if you have suffered clinical or medical negligence

We advise anyone who thinks that they have suffered clinical or medical negligence to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

If you decide to contact one of our specialist clinical negligence solicitors, they will be able to advise you of the best course of action to take.  We do recommend that you meet personally with the health practitioner that dealt with your treatment to be clear and resolve any misunderstanding that might have taken place.

If at this point you are still in the position that you have suffered clinical negligence then the next step will be to contact your general practitioner (GP) and make a formal complaint.

Most practices will require a formal complaint to be sent to the practice manager, in writing, detailing your concerns, the treatment that you were given and any other information that you think is relevant.

Taking the legal option

If you have suffered personal injury following medical treatment, you may have the right to make a claim for compensation. Clinical negligence compensation claims are usually defended vigorously, and almost certainly, you will need legal representation.

We recommend that you seek the expert help of one of our specialist clinical or medical negligence solicitors.

Here are some of our success stories:

RH case – Miss A from Norfolk pursued a claim against a hospital due to failure to perform a discectomy correctly.  Liability was denied on behalf of the hospital, but we recovered ‘6 figure’ damages for her.

If you are researching a possible clinical negligence case please feel free to call us on 0800 677 1911, or our mobile friendly number 0333 577 2251. We will offer help and impartial assistance that you can utilise, whether you use our services or not.

You can also complete our simple “Start Your Claim” form at the top right of this page and one of our friendly experts will get in touch.

Common types of clinical negligence we have investigated recently are spinal treatment cases (Including ‘cauda equine’); misdiagnosis of hand and finger dislocation; failure to close wounds properly (leaving foreign objects inside patients!); negligent physiotherapy after previously successful surgery  (causing the client to have the same operative procedure twice!); dental negligence.

Clinical and medical negligence time scales

In exceptional cases, UK courts have the option to allow medical and clinical negligence cases to go ahead out of the allowed time scales.  However, in normal circumstances there is a rule of thumb that a case needs to be presented within a time frame of three years from the date of your knowledge of mistreatment, or misdiagnosis..

This does not apply to an individual who has been mentally incapacitated due to clinical negligence or in the horrific event that a child has suffered clinical negligence. These are 2 of the exceptional circumstances.

Clinical negligence and the law

Law is complicated whichever way you look at it. Cases involving clinical negligence are no different. One of the most important factors in clinical negligence is that medical opinions sometimes vary.

Therefore ambiguous words like “reasonable” and “reasonably” will become of high importance.

In reality the bottom line is that if you are making a claim for clinical injury compensation, what has to be proved is that the injury you have suffered was a direct result of negligence which should have been foreseen and avoided by a competent practitioner. This requires detailed medical evidence in support of your claim, and we will arrange for this to be obtained for you in appropriate cases.

Making a claim for medical negligence

Personal injury claims, including clinical negligence claims, follow a similar path.

We will need your medical history and records as well as medical experts to review your case to determine if the treatment you underwent was negligent.

We will advise you at every stage of making a clinical negligence claim.  We have access to medical experts who will be able to review your case and advise us throughout.

Clinical Negligence Claims Compensation from

You might not even have to attend court as cases can be settled out of court although court proceedings often have to be initiated in order to achieve a suitable settlement.

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